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For Charlene Johnson of South Hero, Vermont, her first encounter with a Corvette Stingray left an impression on her that would last a lifetime.The car’s sleek body and low stance combined with the sound of a hopped-up V-8 wasn’t like anything she had ever encountered before.The problem was, however, that the car’s mechanical side was riddled with issues to the point where Charlene would need to plan her drives around town just in case there was a breakdown.Add to this that the car’s handling was far from perfect, which left it mothballed in the garage for over a decade.Its vibe left her with a hope that someday she would know what it was like to hit the streets in one.Little did she know that she would eventually meet someone with a dedicated horsepower addiction to change her world.The couple owned a number of European cars, including a Porsche Boxster and Audi R8 but somehow their conversations always went back to Charlene’s passion for a Corvette.To surprise Charlene for her 40th birthday in 1997 Dennis set forth to locate a classic C1 Corvette by scouring the local ads to find a suitable car.

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The surprise was very well received and the pair worked together on it for the next year to make a few changes and update the body to white pearl with silver coves.

Initially, the couple wanted to undertake a full restoration of the car to retain its purity and bring it to a concours level.

Upon Roth’s inspection, however, it was revealed that it was a non-matching-numbers car, thus opening up a number of possibilities for its rebirth.

Once the car was blown apart at the shop the first issue to address was locating a wicked chassis capable of bringing the car to the next level.

Roth contacted The Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Illinois, for one of their ultimate performance Fast-Track chassis specifically designed for the C1 Corvette.

They continued on, replacing the stock firewall with a custom-contoured unit fashioned from 16-gauge cold-rolled steel, fabricated custom inner fenders (to accommodate the wider tires), radiator support and added a custom fuse panel recessed into the top of the firewall.

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