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This means that we solved our last issue with the old way of using the static variable for a holder and not having to worry about synchronization.Let's see it in action: Cache Manager cache Manager = Cache Instance(); Cache custom Cache = (Cache) cache Cache("custom Cache"); Self Populating Cache self Populating Cache = new Self Populating Cache(custom Cache, new Cache Entry Factory() { public Object create Entry(Object key) throws Exception cache Manager.replace Cache With Decorated Cache(custom Cache, self Populating Cache); //this method does what the name implies and from now on any call to cache Eh Cache("custom Cache") will return the Self Populating Cache.The problem: How to return expired data if you’re unable to retrieve new data?

Eh Cache offers the class Self Populating Cache that extends Blocking Cache class.

Therefore, I decided to take control of Ehcache’s refresh mechanism to implement this desired behavior: Update the statistics on the cache element in order to minimize the number of threads attempting to refresh the cache.

Then, try to retrieve the latest data for this cache element.

Main - Players 3 2009-12-15 ,625 INFO com.balamaci.

Main - Before second call 2009-12-15 ,625 DEBUG ehcache.

If this fails, the stale data continues to be returned since the attempt to retrieve the latest data doesn’t overwrite the stale data.

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