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quoted NRC State Coordinator Prateek Hajela as saying that those whose names have been excluded in the first list need not worry as the body will come out with more names to add to the list. So there is a possibility that some names within a single family may not be there in the first draft," said Hajela."There is no need to panic as rest of the documents are under verification," he said.Registrar General of India (RGI), Sailesh said this while addressing a press conference at 11.45 pm on Sunday and said the names of the rest of the people are at various stages of verification.The status of inclusion of names can be checked in the websites - the Office of the State Coordinator of National Registration (NRC) posted on its official Twitter page.The actual reactor would be located in a sealed, cylindrical vault 30 m (98 ft) underground, while the building above ground would be 22×16×11 m (72×52.5×36 ft) in size.This power plant is designed to provide 10 megawatts of electrical power with a 50 MW version available in the future. It uses neutron reflector panels around the perimeter to maintain neutron density.

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These models, however, are not yet being used in risk analysis similarly to Probabilistic Safety Analyses for safety assessment of nuclear reactors.The NRC authorities had received applications submitted by 3.29 crore people, accompanied by six crore documents, of the state for inclusion of heir names in the NRC.The process of updating the NRC began in 2013 and it was carried out under the guidance and instruction of the Supreme court.The rest of the names are at various stages of verification.As soon as the verification is done, we will come out with another draft," Sailesh said.The Toshiba 4S Nuclear Battery was proposed as the power source for the Galena Nuclear Power Plant in Alaska, but the project was abandoned and Toshiba did not proceed with an application for certification of the design.

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