Validating ip address in java


I still wonder how they did it in the book, because on my keyboard i have only two dash signs, I tried the code with both signs and it works perfectly.The dash in the book is a little bit longer then the dashes on my keyboard. According to Wikipedia, IPv4 addresses are canonically represented in dot-decimal notation, which consists of four decimal numbers, each ranging from 0 to 255, separated by dots, e.g., 1.1 step 2) ……..a) If ptr contains any character which is not digit then return 0 ……..b) Convert “ptr” to decimal number say ‘NUM’ ……..c) If NUM is not in range of 0-255 return 0 ……..d) If NUM is in range of 0-255 and ptr is non-NULL increment “dot_counter” by 1 ……..e) if ptr is NULL goto step 3 else goto step 1 step 3) if dot_counter ! I need to check whether the ip address resides within the range of IP. I need to know the following things: 1) 1-10.0-255.0.0-255 is the IP range I have in DB.Assuming there is no built-in function that validates only IP Addresses, I've come up with this not so great solution to validate that the string fits a very general description of an IP Address: Thanks.

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hmmmmmm, Okay, i get it now, ya it must have to be implemented with GUI. I am just getting ready for Java OCP exam because android projects are mostly done in Java, so i decided why not to take java exams as well, killing two birds with one stone... Me too, messing with Java (because of android projects) since Uni which was like yours about 10 years ago and its really a comfort to know that i am not alone in this java boat turbulence . I needed something with a small learning curve since it has been so long since I've programmed.I added one additional check to make sure it only has 4 octets though: So does that mean if I have a base class and derived class both with the same static function defined, and I pass a derived object as a reference to the base class, it will call the base class version of the static function?In Java, the closest modifier to the C virtual that I can think of is abstract, that means the subclasses must implement the method and yes, that's incompatible with static.Now, when I open my Java FX form in Scene Builder, then select the Text Field I need to apply the filter on, on the right side of Scene Builder, I have a property under the Code: section called On Key Typed, and if my method (the code I pasted above) is already in my controller class, then in the drop down box, I will have an option to chose that code to apply to that property of the control.Alternatively, when I look at my Java FX fxml file (Which is what Scene Builder modifies directly) and look at the code that defines those Text Fields, they look like this: Notice the on Key Typed="#check Key Pressed" portion of the Text Fields definition.Is there any function that will only take IP Addresses?

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