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g., how can anyone know if the architecture/design/etc. The output of each software development process stage can also be subject to verification when checked against its input specification (see the definition by CMMI below).Examples of artifact verification: Validation during the software development process can be seen as a form of User Requirements Specification validation; and, that at the end of the development process is equivalent to Internal and/or External Software validation.Successful final external validation occurs when all the stakeholders accept the software product and express that it satisfies their needs.

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In other words, software verification ensures that the output of each phase of the software development process effectively carry out what its corresponding input artifact specifies (requirement - software product), while software validation ensures that the software product meets the needs of all the stakeholders (therefore, the requirement specification was correctly and accurately expressed in the first place).External validation happens when it is performed by asking the stakeholders if the software meets their needs.Different software development methodologies call for different levels of user and stakeholder involvement and feedback; so, external validation can be a discrete or a continuous event.Then, it also implies the use of the Design Specification to feed the construction process.Every time the output of a process correctly implements its input specification, the software product is one step closer to final verification.If the output of a process is incorrect, the developers are not building the product the stakeholders want correctly.

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