Validating time in javascript

At the end, there's a little exercise to keep you busy too!

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Then, after they fill in the "Name" field and press "Send Details" again, it will prompt them for the "Gender" field.Need help if I can fit in the jquery validation inside Is Date function, using the same structure. Also when I place this expression in the Javascript code , it gives syntax error in visual studio editor. or should I just ignore it function is Date(dt Str, src) please advise Thanks!In otherwords it should pass 6/3/2015 AM 6/3/2015 06/03/2015 and so forth Here is the code function is Date(dt Str, src) function Validate Date(src, args) You can make use of the plugin available to validate date formats. Parse method, while Parsing your date here, if it return false then your date format is wrong Sample Code Hi shehz81, You can also use regular expression to validate this. With Regards, Krunal Parekh thanks guys, I'm more towards regular expression. I have a dropdown selection list, and based on the selection, there are text fields that are hidden or displayed for more info.So if you select the second item in the drop down, a text field associated with that selection appears.Our validation script will ensure that the user enters their name before the form is sent to the server. Try pressing the Send Details button without filling anything in the "Your Name" field.

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