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If the coupons are eventually paid, they’ll go to whoever holds the bonds that day.The decision, which followed a week of talks with market participants, comes two months after rating companies deemed Venezuela to be in default.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.e Harmony is committed to helping Hispanic men and women find long-lasting love, we are confident in our ability to do so.Since November, investors following guidelines established by the Emerging Markets Traders Association have marked their Venezuela bond holdings to include all the interest they were owed, even though it hadn’t shown up yet.

“If you change the convention too often the issue is it freezes the market and it creates a lot less liquidity, and makes bonds more volatile and keeps investors away,” Yerlan Syzdykov, head of emerging-market debt at Amundi Asset Management, said in an interview.

“You can talk about payments getting held up by financial intermediaries and the like, but at some point that becomes less credible and I think we are now comfortably past that point.” Those creditors who’d been following EMTA guidelines will now have to write off the accrued interest they’d accounted for on Venezuelan notes from their net asset value.

They should also write down any missed coupons they’re entitled to to reflect their expected recovery value.

Most bonds require holders of just 25 percent of an outstanding security to agree to do so.

“Acceleration becomes the next step -- and a check to see if Venezuela will quickly cough up the money to pay the coupon and halt a potential acceleration,” Russ Dallen, the managing director at Caracas Capital, wrote in a note to clients.

Typically, defaulted bonds begin to trade flat after the grace period on missed debt payments expires.

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