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I began to explain to her, "Anna, this is my husband, Sissie.As you can see, I've transformed him into my personal maid.I love my position and am happy she trained me for it.I love being with her and, as her maid, I'm with her more than any of her lovers so it's good for both of us.""I see," mused Anna. Although I must beg your forgiveness because she does not make me dress like this or make me do housework.I don't think he'll like that.""I assure you he will love it and thank you for it once you're done.Males truly love to please women but they have no training or guidance on how to do it, so it's up to you to do it.They’re all good lovers and can make love to her at least three times before needing a rest. “I know how much better she feels when she has the attention and skill she needs and deserves and it's sad to see her have to go days without that kind of service.""You mean it doesn’t bother you that she goes to bed with other men? She would be really bored with me and would most likely divorce me if I were her only source of sex and I'm sure she'd be extremely bored.

But now if he delays for a day, you delay for two days; if he delays for a week, you delay for two weeks. If he persists, tell him you may have to find a lover as you need sex but cannot stand it with a hairy guy.Next time Robert is all excited, stop him and say, ‘Robert I can't take it any more. Then really give him great sex; the best he has ever had.I love you but the hair on your body totally turns me off. I will no longer have sex with you until you do something about your hairy body.’ He'll ask what to do and you tell him to shave it off; all of it; legs, underarms, chest, belly and backside. This will teach him that if he does as you say he will be rewarded but that if he does not do what you want then he suffers.""It sounds pretty easy. " Anna asked incredulously."Yes, as long as you don't give in.And, once you get used to a variety of good lovers, you miss it.I also loved being in charge and in control and never liked the housewife routine so, in talking to friends and doing a little research, I found out I could have my cake and eat it."Sissie, tell Mistress Anna about my lovers and keep it brief, please."Sissie said, "Madam has a lot of lovers in the States, Ma'am, and she has already found three here. ""Yes, Ma'am, it does bother me sometimes; mostly when Madam is looking for a new lover and has to go through several losers to find a good one,” replied Sissie. “My purpose in life is to make Madam happy and please her in any way I can."Sissie, turn and lift your uniform and lower your panties for Ms Anna here."Sissie did as he was told and Anna kept looking at her bottom and at me, back and forth with her mouth open.

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