Wales dating and marriage custons


But certainly to many, the food and drink is indeed very much part of our Scottish Customs and traditions.

Many Scottish Customs and Traditions are centred around our food such as the "Piping in of the Haggis" at a Burns Supper.

Mothers' Day i- Discover how this special day developed in Scotland.

Kilts and Flashes - Learn a bit more about our National Dress.

Highland Games - Look at some of the categories of Highland Games event.

And do check out our Bookstores:- - You'll find a wide selection of some favourite Scottish Music such as Pipes and Drums, Fiddle, Accordian music and many famous Artists including The Proclaimers and Lulu.

There's also a selection of DVDs which will introduce you to some of the sights of Scotland including Castles.

It is believed that around 20% of people are Roman Catholics.

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