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To use the Windows version, you have to open the mobile app, and take a photo of a QR code that appears on your screen. Wechat for Windows opens, looking and feeling very much like it's mobile relative.

With We Chat, you can chat with your contacts via your desktop, and get notifications when someone is contacting you. File transfer is possibly more useful on Windows than on mobile devices (especially if you are an i OS user), as you can send any type of file you like through We Chat. Aside from text chat and file transfers, you can also send screenshots and emoji.

The navigation system is mobile friendly and quite easy to learn and handle.

It has open registration enabling you to chat up and meet up with people from around the world.

Best | Gay | Lesbian | Free We’re dessert first kind of people, so let’s start with our three favorite hookup apps of all time.To sign up, you simply download the app for your mobile device, enter your phone number and then enter the verification code you are sent.Giving the app access to your contacts allows you to see who is already using We Chat.The answer is a simple YES it does work or we wouldn't have so many members.We Chat is a popular free messaging service, available on mobile and now Windows PCs.No matter what kind of sexual encounter you’re interested in, within minutes, you’ll connect with someone (or someones) who’s interested in the same thing.

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