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This is certainly how he and his defenders interpret his actions.

Democracy comes from the Greek words meaning ‘power’.

Let’s explore this ideological mélange through the perspectives of three key protagonists (bearing in mind that the three actors involved personify some key elements of liberalism, democracy and environmentalism but are not pure embodiments of the entire cannon of the respective ideologies).

Democracy: Jonathan Moylan “[T]he main concern with us is what happens at the end of the day to the local community here, to the forest, and to the impact on people’s health, and on the climate.

I am still working through these ideas myself so readers’ feedback is most welcome.

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In a democratic society, wealth and social mobility are distributed more evenly.Underlying this episode lies a three-headed ideological convergence: Ideological conflicts about individual rights and the protection of private wealth versus the good of the greater society that hark back to the class conflicts of the 19 century debate about human beings existing as atomised individuals or actors nested within broader biological systems.Or in shorthand, liberalism meets democracy meets environmentalism.This is a hugely destructive project, and I made [the] announcement that ANZ should have made, that it wasn’t going to be investing unethically.” Jonathan Moylan on Breakfast—ABC Radio National, 9 January 2013.Jonathan Moylan’s creative piece of share market sabotage can be interpreted as a democratic action.Because property interests are protected by the law, liberalism often has an inherent bias in favour of those people and entities that hold more property.

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