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It has been known that currently Eliza Dushku is dating Rick Fox who is known as Eliza Dushku boyfriend.The couple started dating in the autumn of 2009 and is still together.I failed at it the first time, so my next opportunity will be one where I'll be honestly more experienced and intelligent about it."Fox and Dushku have been living together since August and he says that his other half couldn't be happier to have him home since his shocking elimination."[She] missed going on dates and having me home and doing different things together," he says."We built a doghouse the day after I was eliminated.Eliza Patricia Dushku (born December 30, 1980) is an American television and movie actress.She has appeared in several Hollywood movies such as True Lies, The New Guy, Bring It On, and Wrong Turn. "I've been married before, so we definitely talk about the truth of what marriage is about."Fox, 41, was married to Vanessa Williams for almost five years before they divorced in 2004.Even so, he says, "I'm not gunshy about marriage, even though I failed.

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Starting that same year, she also starred in a new Fox TV series, Tru Calling.Not wanting to catch an entire city off guard with her suddenly single hotness, Eliza broke the news of her breakup and impending move to the Well, it sounds like she's made up her mind. It's too bad about such a great couple ending, but it sounds like gurl is looking for a fresh start. She was accepted to the George Washington University in Washington, DC and Suffolk University in Boston, where her mother was professor of government and had been the dean of the campus in Dakar, Senegal.After high school, Dushku returned to acting with the role of Faith, a Slayer much more troubled than the main character Buffy.She also had parts as Paul Reiser's daughter in Bye Bye, Love, as Cindy Johnson with Halle Berry and Jim Belushi in Race the Sun, as well as roles in a television movie and a short movie.

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