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I made the assumption that it would be just as easy to workout, eat right and make all of my preparations as it had been when I was in college and had absolutely nothing to do besides go to class and sleep. I absolutely love it and would not trade my travel experiences for the world.

However, when you are a major foodaholic like myself, constantly traveling to new places and trying new amazing restaurants is TORTURE when trying to prepare for a pageant.

That’s right -- you are invited to be up close and personal to all of the ups, downs, triumphs, and many junk food-craving moments that will fall upon me this year.

If you have never competed in a pageant then be warned -- a few posts in and you will probably start to think I am a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

If the suspense is killing you…I said yes..putting the Miss Alabama USA pageant temporarily on hold. I met some amazing guys who continue to be great friends.

The guy that I picked – Adam – is now adorably married (not to me just to clarify) and expecting his first little kiddo! After the whirlwind that was CMT passed through my life, it was finally time to strap on the Chinese Laundry heels and butt glue.

) After 18 blissful years I decided to take my talents to Tuscaloosa (Lebron joke…anyone?

) where I attended The University of Alabama and experienced 3 national championships in my 4 years, ROLL TIDE!

So before you commit to listening to my ramblings over the months ahead, how about I tell you all a little about myself and how I got to where I am now -- California -- if you were wondering.I was born and raised in Memphis, TN by my precious, wonderful parents who have always supported me in everything I have wanted to do.I take that back – almost everything – but we aren’t quite to that point in my life yet (did I mention I am extremely all over the place?Also, finding time for all of the other little details needed to prepare was difficult as well.So I did the best that I thought I could - worked out when I could, ordered a dress online and hoped for the best.After seeing the successes of You Tube videos, specifically one made on a cellphone that amassed over two million views, Graham opted to focus on making videos of his own rather than completing his degree.

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