Who is kiera knightly currently dating

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: It’s definitely a discussion of that, which is one of the things I really liked.It doesn’t answer the question; it allows the audience to answer the question—if that’s a question that’s answerable and I’m not convinced that it is.A little bit of personal experience is sprinkled in there, but mostly it’s imagination.

“If we get hit,” her husband warns, “you could lose an eye.” At the party, Knightley notices an intimate conversation between her husband and his new coworker (Eva Mendes)—the eye-opening hit the couple will soon take.

CWELICH: What most interested you about playing this role? In film as a medium, you’re often given a baddie and a goodie and told what to think about them; it’s usually a very definite point of view.

I loved that it demands a dialogue with the audience.

Knightley is refusing digital enhancement of her breasts in publicity photos for her upcoming movie .

Knightley is no stranger to criticisms of her body.

was such an unusual—some would even say risky—film. In I was this strange creature who was completely destroyed and driven by jealousy.

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