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SECRETARY TILLERSON: We’re a bit disappointed that the European Union has not taken a more definitive stance in supporting those voices in the country that are calling for a reform.

I think it’s fair to say that there are a number of member countries of the European Union that see it very much the way we do, that there – it is important that we give voice to those people that are in the street. We support the peaceful demonstrations, and the country should allow those peaceful expressions of what their people want. And I think our role has been to amplify their voices and to amplify them not just to the rest of the world, but importantly, to amplify them to the leadership in Iran that you need to be listening to this. in actively supporting the protesters not just in rhetoric but in action through cyber means to help open up the internet or otherwise?

And what we’ve been told is they’ll take note of it but there’ll be no discussions. I think this development that’s come about, the meeting between North-South, we do believe it’s an indication that the pressure campaign is causing the leadership of the regime in North Korea to begin to think about this can’t go on forever.

And that’s what we tell them is this pressure campaign is going to stay in place and it’s going to continue to be intensified until we achieve our policy objective and the objective of the world.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: I think that that risk has been there from the very beginning because of the regime we’re dealing with.

And the lack of communication with the North Korean regime, the fact that Kim Jong-un has by and large isolated himself not just from the United States, he’s isolated himself from everyone.

And so I think we would like to build on that, and I think we need to wait and see. I wouldn’t want to get ahead of any of the congressional leadership, but we’ve had engagements with them on a very active basis to ensure they understand how we think that congressional amendment to INARA, how we would use that from a policy standpoint to continue to advance the President’s policy on Iran, and how we think we can use it to also achieve the objective of denying Iran a nuclear weapon, which is the intent.

We’ve got a lot of stuff that we want to ask, so we’ll try to (inaudible) quickly. Given that that’s supposed to be limited in scope as far as the Olympics issue, if North Korea is unwilling to budge from their position on their nuclear program or to even discuss the nuclear program, do you feel that those talks can still be sustainable, and can they lead to something, a broader opportunity for conversation with North Korea?

And that was to provide the Congress then an opportunity to address many of the flaws that we see in the deal itself by amending Iran – the INARA Act, which is our domestic governing law around it.

And we – from the beginning we’ve seen that as kind of a stepwise process that we – let’s fix – let’s fix what we can fix domestically, work with our European partners to have them support what we want to address in terms of how we see deficiencies in the agreement.

This is a meeting of foreign ministers, so it is a meeting of the diplomatic side of this effort, and it’s a sharing opportunity as to are we missing other things that we should be considering that would move us – that would move us toward achieving this objective of having North Korea, the North Korean regime, come to the conclusion that their future is going to be less secure and less prosperous, not more so.

QUESTION: Should – should the North Koreans read anything into the composition of the Vancouver meeting, note that the countries who are there -- SECRETARY TILLERSON: The sending states. SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, that was very deliberate because, as you know, any successful diplomatic effort – and particularly one that deals with an issue as serious as this one – has to be backed up by a strong military alternative.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, the North Koreans will raise whatever the North Koreans want to raise.

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