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Men need the emotional support and care of a good woman which in turns fuels the power in the man to rise to his highest potential on behalf of her and his family.Women forget or abuse the power they have to positively motivate a man to greatness and that is a big failure among American women.For the most part, it is quite RARE to find an honest agency that truly endeavors to help men and women find love and marriage in an HONEST manner.I happen to know a few, less than a handful that I would ever recommend a man to use.In 1999, I traveled once more to meet a woman IN Odessa who was from Lugansk and experienced my first SCAM!

I can say that if you find someone online that you feel a connection with; you have to make effort and WORK to develop relations PRIOR to any meeting.

They paid a woman to go out on a date with me, claiming she was available for marriage when in fact she was engaged to be married. We hit if off so well that she came clean to tell me the entire story.

She became a dear friend afterwards because she was HONEST!

She agreed for marriage, (she was quite convincing), but afterwards thing did not make sense in all the delays and excuses she put forth.

I later learned from another man she had betrayed that this was her business and she was quite successful at it.

American women are so busy trying to be like a man, they forget to be a woman and men hate this.

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