Women with daughters dating

We hear of so many women who are unable to conceive because their wombs have been lost to abortions carried out as young girls.

Young people make so many mistakes, most times this can be a good thing as they tend to learn lessons they may never forget but sometimes this may be bad.

But fathers being what they are; are able to detect these deceptions and would do anything to protect their ‘weaklings’. Trust me, that’s not the best option, you would only expose yourself to more harm if you do that.b.

You cannot blame the old man, he doesn’t want you to be heart broken or get hurt. : There are millions of languages spoken around the world hence it becomes a barrier to effective communication.

Sometimes, I must sincerely add, they really overdo it. Parents usually do not want their children associating with children from another ethnic background because they are associated with trends they disapprove of. But I must warn young girl, being with a guy without a VISION is likened to embarking on a DEATH MISSION. You shouldn’t be concerned that he has no money now, when you see he has visions why not support him to realize his dreams even as he supports you to realize yours. It takes time to make it in life; TIME PATIENCE AND HARDWORK (PREPARATION) OPPORTUNITY = SUCCESS.

For instance, in Nigeria, an Igbo boy’s parents may disapprove of him marrying an Edo girl because it is believed that the people of Edo are involved in prostitution. When preparation meets opportunity, then the stage of success is set.

We all agree sex is sweet and brings a lot of pleasure but the end result is not gooood at all.Don’t get me wrong though, there are guys who truly love their girls but it is really sad that there are just a few of them.Peer group influence has been found to be the main cause of these misdoings.The birth of a baby boy brings joy untold to his parents.His father has been able to bring him into the world which is a great sign that he has not lost his manhood.Most have dirty secrets that would never be able to tell to their wives probably because they might lose trust in them.

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