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Abandoned Building May Be Parking Lot Police Say Expressway Police Juvenile Division Detective J. Haslinger points to the region of a wooded area in Fair *yi e a d o w s Estate where the assault victim was found wandering in a dazed condition. Mc Ken- zle, 22, Chester St., Norfolk; along with a 17-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy, both of Norfolk, allegedly took in an armed robbery of Sawyer's Grocery Store in Camden, N. The robbers forced Herman Sawyer to accompany them as they fled the scene. Saw- yer, according to police, fired four i5»hots at the fleeing auto, one of which struck the car. FOR LEASE 3 room suite of offices In Link- horn Business Center, Laskln Road at Oriole Drivp.

Three Norfolk residents sus pected of a North Carolina arm- ed robbery and abduction re- portedly used the death of a Ft. Police said Sawyer was later released unharmed a short dis- tance from the store. Ntm has btm a|)|ioliited loheti Mw omcer Trainii^ Sedioa of Om Envirmmeotal Sci«Me Soirlcei Admini^ratl M. Air con- ditioning and other utilities fur- nished.

The group re- turned to Virginia Beach taking Willis to the Ft. Nixoo and Us wife, Om far- mer Jean DInitri, of Itatlek, Mass., Uve wttk t Mr (Mmm, Tenr Ao D i Hl Bsmkt Lpn^ at inters Dfh; Vlrftn U Be Mi L mmn wmm INSTANT VIRGINIA BEACH WEATHER FORECAST DIAL 936-1212 LOCALLY VIROINIA STATE LIBRART \ TAT IFMW Tylng for a higher permanent rate.

Story dispen- sary, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Story dis- pensary, said they were told by Mc Kenzie and the two juv- eniles that Willis was shot when two or three Negro men in an- other auto stopped their car on the Ft. CLASSIFIED RATES YIRGMIA BEACH SUN 3 to 6 lines 7 to 14 lines 15 or more lines Display Ads .00 per inch CONTRACT ' 22ilus, tbe girl's father, was notified of tt» ic- cidei^ at his military (tatjr stati M on board ttie USSHeiriey statiomd at Ft. Princess Anne Utilities, the subject of much controversy over recent and past problems with emergency service to its customers, had a full hearing recently before the State Cor- poration Commission in Rich- mond seeking a 137 per cent increase from per quarter to .50, not including about .57 monthly fee to the Hamp- ton Roads Sanitation District lines, scheduled to take over operation of the lines and treat- ment soon. 2) ■ i T- - Island Raises Problem City Council's informal meeting Monday in the confer- ence room of the new Admin- istration Building was lengthy and involved several contro- versies. Retirec Kservice man wi H paint interior ahd exterior.

Tolls Rise February was a profitable month for the Virginia Beach- Norfolk Expressway, with all receipts above those of the same month of a year ago. Norfolk officials earlier were assured the island was part of the deal.

Records show 831,000 vehic- les travelled the roadway dur- ing the month, and increase of 226,000 vehicles over February of last year. RENTAL REAL ESTATE 111 Apartments Furnished 1 & 2 bedrooms, modern. Collier now says he wished to build his home and possibly one or two more for his child- ren on the island in the future, but that his problem is access.

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Council is hopeful of doing this, instead of enacting a 10- cent increase to .25 as re- Shooting Was Cover commendfd by Scott, in order to soften the blow to the home- owner of another tax increase on top of last year's due to the new reassiessments. There is still speculation, how- ever, that City Council will try to lop 0,000 from the sch- ool budget. They %pswered questions and explained their budget requests. Councilmen agreed, and Bri6ke U was praised for his explanations.Wlllard Moody of Portsmou U) said Portsmoutti has its own water system and has worked out satisfactory agreements with its neighbors. Virginia Beach City Council had gone on record favoring the Caton amendment prior to the special session of the Vir- ginia General Assembly.between three and four dollars, according to Scott.The average increase per month to the homeowner in real estate taxes either way will be Amendment On Water Defeated Despite efforts of Virginia Beach State Sen. Ca- ton m, an amendment to a segment of the state consti- tution concerning State Corp- oration Commission control ov- er Norfolk's water lines in Vir- ginia Beach was soundly de- feated.

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