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Why don't you just keep it shorter, concentrating on your interests and what you would like in a woman, (not how she has to be or what she has to look like). I have the feeling you don't have much experience in relationships or you have no clue what a woman is.... In addition, if you seek anything more than my friendship, please be the type of person who cares about your appearance because I put a lot of effort into staying fit and well groomed, although metro I am not. First of all, don't you know *all* women are crazy? I enjoyed the captions on your pictures and thought it was a nice variety. Hmmm, I thought women tended to notice the details in pics...

Safe all your other opinions for later when you meet or when you e-mail or phone. Second of all, even if they weren't, would a crazy woman KNOW she was crazy and say, "Oooh, better not contact him!? Next, you mention being fit and how important appearances are to you, which says "shallow!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. It is a work in progress, I just want some unbiased opinions. The first part might be very sweet....way too sweet for a profile.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... In the end all that really matters is, would you respond? This "Love Letter" should be written to that special lady when you have found her...in a profile in order to find her. but at the same time most are only glancing at the pictures.

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I have 2 younger sistersme - 3 boyssis 1 - 1 boysis 2 - 1 boy and 1 as yet unknown - we'll find out in about 6 months Mum was the oldest of 6 and Dad was youngest of 3Grandad was the oldest of 16 so there are lots of family branches from its so convoluted. I fit in somewhere in the middle, there are three older sisters, so I'm in the top half.gotta luv country life....loloh yes I have three kids too I am adopted by an amazing family that gave me 2 of the coolest older brothers, my partents have done a pretty bang up job of raising us too. lol I sometimes wonder what kind of life I would have lived if I had not been given up at birth. Probably on a reserve, maybe with not the amount of love and support I did end up having. I am lucky.i'm the youngest of 6i have 4 sisters and one brotherbetween us sisters we have 10 kidsand 2 of my sisters are grandmas already.

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If you would have treated me like that I would've kicked your ***. I would not contact you because you sound very arrogant. Oh, one more thing, please do not hesitate to critique my pics as well. Since you already captioned it you might just add an arrow defining which of the two women you're referring to. which I think is probably a good insight into the person I am, and my relationship with my family.

: give me ten and u can actual scream at me irlmuch more soothingblake: Im going to diejinkies! : just beca USE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUblake: IIIIIIIEEEIIIIIIII CANT HELP LOVINGjinkies!

: yoooooouuuuuuublake: How wonderful life is Now that youre in the Woooooolrdddddddddddjinkies!

Ouuuch I have the whole disfunctional/divorced family going on.

One real brother, then a step-brother and step-sister. I am curious who has parents still married or a long history of no divorces.

: i know ;* [photo of one of Alya’s younger sisters playing with the beagle]blake: Alya DID YOU GET A DOG FOR A FUCKING SKYPE JOKEjinkies! blake: I DIDNT MEAN TOzoinks: pffff didnt mean tomar you stuffed a kitten in your jacketblake: I WAS SEVENzoinks: IN YOUR JACKETblake: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH l i s t e n That kitten was cute and I named him felix and I loved himzoinks: for the two hours you had himfreddie: That’s actually really sweet Kind of adorablejinkies!

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